“It is necessary to learn how to make the right questions in order to create new things.”
Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder

The era of time-consuming and costly market researches has gone, and, that is why they were restricted to large-scale companies. Omni Marketing is proud of pioneering the development of solutions for small and medium entrepreneurs who wish to know their market better. At a fair cost, they now, can take decisions based on data rather than on intuition.

Melhoria de produtos e processos

SurveySeed®: Market Research is not cost, it is investment

With SurveySeed®, it is possible to create customized surveys in compliance with the company’s or entrepreneur’s needs. The questionnaires are based on standard models and a set of questions with standard results. It is all available to access in real time by Omniweb 3.o System. With SurveySeed we assure you quality and impartial reliability so that you do not need to worry about any other thing.