Qualitative research is a subjective technique that takes into account the non-verbal communication (attitudes, feelings and perceptions) to reach results about the public involved. The qualitative research findings are not quantifiable and, therefore, cannot be projected to the whole population, which means that they only serve to infer considerations on who participated in the research. On the other hand, qualitative research is a valuable tool to get an in-depth knowledge on hypotheses and reinforce them.

Qualitative research main roles:

  • To serve as basis for content of qualitative research questionnaires.
  • To deepen previously carried out quantitative research results.
  • To understand the target audience language
  • To check the initial reactions to new concepts, products, or advertising
  • To generate insights for different issues

Processo de pesquisa qualitativa

Omni Marketing qualitative researches can be carried out online on internet (web/online), through in-person interviews or by phone (in-person/offline). Both types are used either for in-depth interviews or in group on an inductive and dialectic basis. Check the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Offline (Presencial)

Advantages Disadvantages
It is faster It cannot be projected
It allows us to have more findings It is difficult to interpret
It promotes more interaction among participants It is not advisable for risk decisions
It makes the approach to polemic issues easier It uses an insignificant and small sample

Online (Web)

Advantages Disadvantages
There is no geographical barrier It does not take body language into account
It counts on anonymous participants, which shows spontaneity It results in losses during group dynamics
It is ideal for touchy subjects Discussion is not linear
There is no need for transcription since registration is automatic The tone of the interview is less sensitive
It does not require travel expenses It depends on the interviewees’ typing skills.
It is less vulnerable to participants who centralize opinions in group discussions It has technological constraints